Always Improving

At Innovative Trailer Mfg. we are always improving our products. This year we have revamped our brake lights and reflectors to include 3/4″ Bullet UltraBright LED 3 Diod lights.



Custom Trailer – Ski Resort People Hauler

This trailer is a custom project for a ski resort in Lake Tahoe. It will be used to transport visitors from the resort parking lot to the resort.

Diamond Back Trailers

The Diamond Back gooseneck trailer is Innovative Trailer’s most popular brand.

Diamond Back LogoOur Gooseneck Trailers are available in 12,000 GVWR up to  26,000 GVWR. They are great for moving your heavy construction  and farming equipment. Hauling a load of hay, pipe, pallets, tractors,  backhoes, and even drill pipe. Our dependable workmenship in our  Gooseneck Trailers will give you a high quality durable trailer for years to  come.

Diamond Back Trailer - Red

Tilt Bed Trailers

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